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Characters sketch . love medicine

Characters sketch . love medicine - Characters Albertine...

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Characters Albertine Johnson At the beginning of the story in 1981, Albertine Johnson — daughter of Zelda and granddaughter of Marie — is away from the reservation studying to be a nurse. She returns home upon hearing of her Aunt June's death. Once home, she tries to get Grandpa Kashpaw to recall his years as an Indian revolutionary.
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Albertine has always been independent. In 1973, the fifteen-year-old runs away from home to Fargo, where she meets and sleeps with Henry Lamartine, Jr. In 1980 Chapter “Bridge” Going into the urban metropolis  is compared to Albertine “coming out” and beocming a women .  Note: The psychological unstability in Henry The Worlds greatest fishermen (first chapter) why? Erdrich’s strongest character: Marie when we first meet her is ignorant and na ï ve (pg43) but as the novel  progress we see her grow and embolden, both through her own stories as well as those of others.  Whate effectively *defines* her strength though is how she is able to reconcile with her personality and  sense of self; all that she cannot control. I.e: her stained family name “dirty lazarre” , or the fact that Nector  decides to have an extramarital affiar with lulu; and sister leopolda’s mental and physical torture all in the  name of religion.  How she copes with this is the true definer of her character.  Ref: marie as salt: as sturdy, earthy, motherly, a force  Symbolism ? “we bought it together till his boots filled with water one windy night and he bought out my share:” My  boots are filling” :note passive construction. Drowning the worst kind of death for a Chippewa. Its as he  drowned a long time ago, couldnot sustain the hardships of life. Henry’s grief and truama as utterly  unbridgeable Note pacing of the Chapter . Lyman pre war narrative and post war. The latter is much more choppy,  disjointed and fractured.  Gerry Nanapush : the trickster Figure! Lipsha's great prize is his awareness of himself His triumph, however, is internal. It consists of being a man who will never be trapped by rituals exclusive to men and who has the capacity of reconciling his present with his past , trying to decide what to do with her life, Albertine meets Gerry Nanapush and his girlfriend, Dot Adare. Albertine works on the construction sight with Dot until Dot delivers Gerry's baby. Zelda Johnson Zelda , sister to Aurelia and daughter of Marie, is Albertine's mother. Zelda was raised as June's sister. Zelda thinks Albertine should be married. She also criticizes June's son, King, for marrying a white girl when Zelda, herself, had been married to a Swede.
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