Immigration Legislation

Immigration Legislation - February 28th, 2007 American...

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February 28 th , 2007 American Politics Immigration in Perspective There are many heated arguments taking place in the United States today ranging from policies on Stem Cell research to Bankruptcy Reforms. However, few draw as much attention as discussions surrounding immigration into the United States. One of the most complicated factors of the debate is that everybody has a different perspective, especially those in Congress who vote on legislation regarding immigration. The three views on American Democracy are Stratificationism, Pluralism, and Hyperpluralism. While all points indicate that a Pluralistic perspective would be best utilized when trying to extinguish the heat surrounding the argument (whereas it is a Stratificationist approach in reality), it is very important to understand all three democratic perspectives, as well as investigate one of the most pressing matters involved in immigration legislation today, in order to properly make an assessment. On October 30 th , 2006, and article was written in the New York Times regarding a piece of legislation that was passed by Congress and authorized by President Bush. The main details of this bill revolved around the building of a 700-mile fence along the Southwest American Border. The hopes of building this fence are that it will help to impede the illegal immigration into the United Stated by citizens of neighboring Mexico. However, one of the main problems in the President’s plan is that he allocated no specific amount of money to be spent on the fence. Another major whole in the bill is that a 700- mile long fence is just that: 700 miles long. The Mexican-American border is whopping 1,951 miles long. What about the extra 1,251 miles of fenceless border? If you are a resident of Tijuana who wishes to have a better life in the United States, moving 700
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miles to the right would be the least of their concerns. Finally, one of the biggest flaws in the bill (as indicate by the New York Times), was the fact that the Senators who supported Bush’s bill stated that the alternative bill proposed was, “weak, and the drafters supported amnesty.” Evidence indicates, however, that this is not the case. In fact, the
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Immigration Legislation - February 28th, 2007 American...

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