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Hist_2057_Test_1_30 - Reconstruction AAAAAAAAAAA

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Reconstruction 15:34 Spencer McBride – [email protected] (Teaching Assistant) Himes 3113 Tues 130-230 Wed 130-230 Thurs130-230 Reconstruction 1865 the fighting of the Civil War stops in the spring. The fight between the North and the South was political fight that gets out of control in the 1950’s and the political system cannot deal any more, so there is a political melt down. Becomes a military fight in the 1860’s. Themes that will make up the comprehensive essay on the final: Foreign Policy o In 1865 the US was not a major world player. They were viewed as a force to be recognized with in this hemisphere but globally they were far from a powerhouse. They have the military power to protect itself but that’s it. Not a military or economic super power. They did not really want to be either. They do not get super power until WWII. Today they are a super power and keep tabs on what happens globally. Domestic Policy o Later half of 19 century US government was tiny and barley existed. It did not do much, it was cheap to run, and there was not much revenue. Today the executive office building is only part of the office that runs the white house, in the past that was pretty much where the government was housed. The government expectations have changed; the changing of the government is a pretty underlying theme. People want more government. o Size and involvement of the government has changed Culture o Today we live in a consumer culture and consumer economy. Consumers today are not spending which is causing the economy to tank. The US in the 1860’s was not a consumer culture, it was a producer culture. Production was what people spent most of their time doing, at home they produced the products that they needed, not wanted just needed. Production happened around the home, people produce for themselves. Today people go out and work and make money and then buy stuff, take the stuff home and consume it at home. Race Relations o There is general understanding that over time conditions get better. Evens so they do roller coaster. They got a littler better during the reconstruction, then got really bad, but now are much better today. Reconstruction
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In 1865 the US concludes a bloody civil war. It ends up being a war unlike anything else, when it started no one had any idea of how bad it would be. Knock down, drag out war. The war begins in 1861 because when you go to the constitution was drafted in 1787 there were two big issues left unanswered, the nature of the union (unintentionally left blank) and the status of slavery (intentionally left vague, the general understanding was that slavery was going to be allowed, not guaranteed but it was unspoken). The political process could not deal with these questions on the issues so the war broke out. Once a state joins the union it cannot leave, the north says there is no slavery in the US, this started developing during the war. The civil war did not
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Hist_2057_Test_1_30 - Reconstruction AAAAAAAAAAA

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