article review - Israel to send envoys to Gaza truce talks...

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Israel to send envoys to Gaza truce talks JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Israel will send two envoys to Cairo, Egypt, in the coming days to discuss a Gaza truce plan that is still in its early stages, an Israeli Foreign Ministry official said Wednesday. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, left, welcomes French President Nicholas Sarkozy in Egypt on Tuesday. The envoys -- Defense Ministry official Amos Gilad and Shalom Turgeman, a political adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert -- could head to the Egyptian capital as early as Thursday, the official said.It is not clear if Hamas, the Palestinian movement that governs Gaza, will send representatives to Cairo. Israel refuses to speak directly to Hamas, which it considers a terrorist organization, but it has negotiated with Hamas through Egypt in the past. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, speaking alongside French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday after the two leaders met in Egypt, invited Israeli and "Palestinian factions" to an "urgent meeting." An Israeli government spokesman said the Jewish state welcomes the initiative and will continue its discussions with both countries about how to achieve a cease-fire in Gaza. "We are continuing our dialogue with the Egyptians and the French to achieve a sustainable quiet on the basis of a complete cessation of hostile fire from Gaza into Israel and an internationally supported arms embargo on Hamas," the spokesman said. "The contacts and dialogue continue. It is clear we need a working mechanism in place to prevent Hamas from re-arming." Israel opposes any temporary halt to its military campaign in Gaza that would allow Hamas to replenish its arsenal. The Jewish state has agreed to halt its military activities for three hours every other day in Gaza -- starting on Wednesday -- to allow aid to reach Palestinians.
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article review - Israel to send envoys to Gaza truce talks...

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