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Sarah Kerr Period 3 What does it mean to be an American? By: Mel Maurer Date: July 3, 2006 Published by: USA Today Editorial Board ( http://blogs.usatoday.com/oped/2006/07/what_does_it_me.html ) To be American is to be uniquely free. Uniquely because we've come here from so many places with so many backgrounds — and yet we live so well together, enjoying our ability to be ourselves, to do what we want within our democratic laws and society. Not always perfectly, but always freely.” By: Kender Date: July 3, 2007 Published By: (Kendersmusing.blogspot.com) “Right to decide our own fate, our own destiny and to not be governed by those that think themselves above the law.” “All men are equal in the eyes of the law.” Name: Alejandra Age 28 Background: Columbian Immigrant “Freedom and a new beginning for me and my family.”
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Unformatted text preview: By Shannon Luck Date: January 20, 2005 Published By: The Missouri Miner “You treasure your freedom, revere all the brave men and women who fought to gain and preserve your freedom, and furthermore, it mean that you are willing to kill those who threaten your freedom” Name: Savannah Prose Age 16 Background: Brantley Student “For me it means Freedom and Equality” Name: Bill Davis Age: 67 Background: Veteran “To me it means being with my family, Freedom, Diversity, Tolerance, and respect.” Name: Steven Kelly Age: 19 Background: American Born Citizen, College student “To be an American means whatever we want it to mean. It means all people can achieve greatness if enough hard work is applied. It means that Opportunity.”...
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