MCB 41 - lect4 - Lecture 4 (FW) February 2, 2009 The...

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Lecture 4 (FW) February 2, 2009 The Central Dogma Reading: Chapters 8 and 9 for this and lecture 5. Announcements: 1. The "Final Exam" will be held . 2. There will a "review" session for the first mid-term Lecture 4. DNA has the code for proteins: the Central Dogma Primary goal: Understand the central dogma: DNA RNA Protein I. There are two functions of a gene A. The passing on of information: heredity. Parent-child; fidelity of transmission. B. The governance of how cells and organisms develop, attain their form, and function in the adult. 1. This latter aspect of gene function is related to dictating the synthesis of proteins, a polymer composed of 20 different amino acid building blocks, strung into long polymers. DNA has the code for these proteins. 2. Illustration of proteins and bodily function: Sickle Cell Anemia. a. The structure and function of hemoglobin., red pigment in blood cells that carries oxygen: composed of 4 protein chains ( α and β globins , each with 146 amino acids, +4 hemes. b. The disease of sickle cell anemia: One dose of the gene: low level anemia . Two doses: severe anemia. The altered Hb forms rod shaped aggregates that become insoluble and cause the cells to "sickle". Why does it persist? Persons with one dose of the gene have increased resistance to malaria. c. The globin protein molecule in sickle cell anemia. Amino acid # 6 changes from glutamic ( negatively charged) to valine ( uncharged). (Fred Sanger, Vern Ingram) 1 2
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MCB 41 - lect4 - Lecture 4 (FW) February 2, 2009 The...

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