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Sept 22 - Han Dynasty(206 BC-220 AD-founding of the Han Liu...

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Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) -founding of the Han: Liu Bang -under Emperor Wu (141-87 BC) -relations with outside world -Wang Mang Regency -Later Han (25-220) -Intellectual/Religious World -Yellow turban revolt (184) Chang’an-Luoyang – capital of Han Dynasty I. Liu Bang – one of the two emperors in Chinese history born in commoners family a. Crude, oafish manner b. Addicted to alcohol c. Passed exam and appointed as local official to neighborhood d. Occupied former Qin capital New dynasty e. Appointed relatives kings of other lands f. Appointed followers during rebellion dukes g. Meritocracy: moral virtues system of recommendations for officials depend on capabilities of emperor to control distribution of power A. Balancing Tensions in the Imperial System: Qin and Han compared a. Centralization versus regionalism b. Feudalism versus bureaucracy c. Hereditary right versus merit d. Military versus civil interests e. Inner court versus outer court Emperor Wu of Han (r. 141-87 BC) - Scholarly image - “wu” = militant/military - Expanded Han control into more regions - Elevated Confucianism to be state ideology - Imperial academy – first state sponsored university o Expanded in 2 decades to recruit 3000 students from 50 students Graduates government - took away power from regional kings o originally lands inherited by eldest son divided equally for all sons weaken strengths of each kingdom o demand powerful families to shift locations/move closer o appointed people of low birth instead of picking people from rich families - ruled for 50 years - war with Xiongnu tribes Xiongnu Empire
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- northern tribes of China - one of eastern brands of Hun people - continued to impose threats to Han people -
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