October 1 - Tang Dynasty (618-907) Sui (589-608) Tang...

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Tang Dynasty (618-907) - Sui (589-608) – Tang transition o Grand Canal - Tang Imperial Order o A Sino-foreign empire o Tang Code o Six Boards & Civil Service Examination - Cosmopolitanism and High Culture - o Warlordism and rise of Eunuch politics Grand Canal – linked Hangzhou and Beijing - had a lot of positive consequences for development of economy and transportation - construction led to downfall of Sui Dynasty - domestic revolts Tang Dynasty by Li Yuan Second Emperor - Second Emperor proved he was a wise and benevolent ruler - Appointed educated ministers to position - Tolerant and open to critiques Tang family – Li last name – claimed to be from Han - intermarriage - mix of blood lines – diff traditions and elements to take – Chinese and non-Chinese governance - militarism – viewed as incompatible with Chinese tradition - expansion across to central Asia - domestic order reformed - government took elements (some from Han Dynasty) o 6 boards – taxation and revenues; personnel/appointments of officials; rites, rituals, foreign relationships; justice and legal system; war; public works o Civilian officials limited and controlled o County level, prefecture, metropolitan exams for Civil Serve Examination o Anyone who was talented or scholarly could rise up o Favoring those children from nobility families b/c they had more resources o About 20 pass each year and appointed as officials o Although great families still monopolized civil system, examination broke up aristocratic dominance in next dynasty transitional force Tang Code – Legal Code - first legal code available for historians to study - laid down basic structures of legal code - two sections
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October 1 - Tang Dynasty (618-907) Sui (589-608) Tang...

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