October 8 - Civil Service Examination System Civil Service...

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Civil Service Exam Sys Significance: revolutionary social changes Basic Facts: eligibility/ curriculum Institutionalized CSE - 3 –tier exam/degrees - Exam hall + regulations Function: political – social – cultural reproduction Myth/Critique - longest educational system in the world – lasted about a millennium Great families dominance - golden age for Chinese aristocracy - high ranking officials recommend names and appoint them someone they know or relatives - resentment of commoners who were not well connected but were talented meritocracy Sui + Tang Dynasty: - meritocracy - civil service examination as a force against great families - not many official positions were offered in 7 th century - Empress Wu o Paid much attention to civil service examination to select officials who might be loyal to her Sig. Basic Facts Eligibility Curriculum - purely masculine - Empress Wu: let women take exam - By the late imperial period, it was opened to every man Fall of Tang Dynasty states, aristocratic families weakened migrated to south - second period of disunion - serious blow to aristocracy strength Song Emperor – conquer centrifugal forces - installing civil service system to pick brightest men to positions - helped transform Chinese society from medieval society to a society based upon meritocracy - abolish debased social groups = law
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October 8 - Civil Service Examination System Civil Service...

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