October 29 - Qing Empire Rise of the Manchus - Eight...

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Qing Empire Rise of the Manchus - Eight Banners Hybridity of Qing rule - imperial system - principle of dyarchy China Proper: Sinification Mongolia + Tibet Qing conception of “Universal Rulership” Key to Manchus success: System of Eight Banners – umbrella of social, military institutions - Military o Expanded westward and northwest o Military soldiers divided into 8 groups, each carried a diff colored banner o Hybrid system – altogether 24 banners o Manchus, Mongols, Han Chinese – 3 ethnicities o Military institution also included soldier’s family members o Soldiers not allowed to take other occupations o Banner soldier – hereditary and permanent for all members registered within system - Chinese General decided to cooperate with Manchus - Manchus got into China Proper Governing China - the issue of men’s hair/dress - separate o jurisdiction: banner vs. civilian o residence: Manchu cities o Occupation + marriage - Kangxi Em: Aura of sage ruler o Restore CSE + Neo-Confucianism o “Ming History” Project o Southern Tours Chinese men used to wear long hair elaborately styled but in 1642, Manchus decided to expand their own hairstyles: Edict of Tonsure – queue enforced upon all Chinese men - refusal to take Chinese hairstyle widespread at first, but Manchus military power was strong - gradually hairstyle became sight of Han Chinese submission to Manchus rule
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Dress: previously long loose dress coat with high collar Foot Binding – Manchus women thought this was beautiful and many court ladies tried to imitate this practice – but the practice was forbidden by Manchus court - Manchus gradually took over China Proper with Chinese collaborators help - Manchus rule – kept civil service exam and some other systems - For each high ranking position, Manchus and Mongols were also promoted along with
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October 29 - Qing Empire Rise of the Manchus - Eight...

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