September 24

September 24 - Period of Division(220-589 Maps Narrative of...

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Period of Division (220-589) - o o W. Jin (265-316) o E. Jin (317-420) o o Six Dynasties (420-589) - long-term patterns of development - expanding religious world - north vs. south: regional culture Three Kingdoms Period - Cao Cao ordered around figurehead Han emperor - Tried to unite three military powers: Shu, Wei, Wu - His son abdicated last emperor, named himself emperor of Wei dynasty finish enterprise of reunification - Very romanticized period stories into novel - Cao family power Sima family Jin dynasty West and East Western Jin - not highly centralized power king distributed power to relatives - political fragmentation like Han Dynasty - slaves, serfs, taxation of territory - end of W Jin: rebellion of 8 princes against Emperor Eastern Jin Dynasty - overthrow eastern Jin dynasty tribal people sacked capital - Chinese fled to southern China - triggered short-lived states set up by tribal ppl 16 kingdoms in North 16 Kingdoms: Southern Dynasties - Liu Song (420-479) - S. Qi (479-502) - Liang (502-557) - Chen (557-559) 16 Kingdoms – Northern Dynasties - Northern Wei (386-535) – Tuoaba/Tabgach - N. Qi (550-577) - W. Wei (535-556) - N. Zhou (557-581) Mongolia – Ruanruan Empire (--581)
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- period of chaos - frequent battles/war people suffering Long-term Patterns - alien rule and southward expansion - demographic changes and migration trend - social polarization o North: signification o South: great family dominance - Expanding religious world o Spread of Buddhism o Growth of religious Daoism Dynastic Era Year (C.E.) Registered Population (millions) Former Han 1 60 Later Han 157 56.5 Age of Division 280 16 Sui 606 46 Age of Division : migration patterns, so low population The multi-centered south - Northern Chinese started to move south, i.e., middle and lower Yangzi valley
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September 24 - Period of Division(220-589 Maps Narrative of...

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