October 6 - Song China(960-1276 China among the Equals o...

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Song China (960-1276) - China among the Equals o Khitan Liao Dy. o Tangut W. Xia o Jurchen Jin Dy. - Wang Anshi reform - Revival of Confucianism – Neo-Confucianism o Han Yu (768-824) o Zhu Xi (1130-1200) o Wang Yangming (1472-1529) Song Dynasty - first time that Chinese people experienced commercial revolution - trade - rise of Neo-Confucianism and civil service examination - rise of activism - anti-militarist stand on founding - mistrust of military officers: major military officers moved from positions – friends moved into positions - Civilian branch of central government overweighed military branch of central government - Defensive strategies – ironic b/c Song China had one of the largest military armies in the world at that time Khitan Liao Dynasty - Treaty of Shanyuan (1005) o Northern part of Song out of control o Song had to give silk and silver - two emperors of Liao and Song were related/equal status - Song emperor had to give lavish gifts to Liao military –25% of financial budget o Government was impotent in providing other fundings - scholarly part anxious – rejuvenate Chinese identity o rise of Neo-Confucianism o solution to governance o 1126 – Liao Dynasty invaded northern Song Hangzhou – capital of Southern Song Dynasty – how to get back royal family members How to recover lost territory Wang Anshi Reform (1021-1086) - four years as prime minister - major reforms – re-habitate states as soon as possible - reform programs
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Wang’s “New Policies” (1069-73) - state finance, money, trade o corvee labor into cash – local govt o New land survey o Minting of copper coins silk had been used – given up minting o Green Sprouts loans
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October 6 - Song China(960-1276 China among the Equals o...

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