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October 20 - Maritime China Tribute System S Song Patterns...

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Maritime China & Tribute System S. Song: Patterns of Maritime Trade - Commercial Implications of Confucian Ethics Yuan: Open MT to private merchants (1322) Ming: Maritime Exploration 1405-33) - Treasure Fleet & Zheng He - Motives: Politics, Trade, Knowledge Tribute System - Diplomacy/Trade - Rituals: reciprocity + hierarchy - Nature: Sino-centrism China and neighboring countries - maritime trade - now 60% live in South, less than 40% live in North more obvious in Song Dynasty - shift of focus to South Southern Song - Korea and Japan, countries south of China - Commissioner was set up – supervisor appointed to supervise maritime trade - Custom duties collected by government state finance Arguments against Confucianism: - Chinese Confucianism failed to develop a distinctive ethics for its commercial activities o Incompatible with modern organizations Song Dynasty: Confucianism revival – Could it be applied to commerce? Three moral values can be applied: - diligence, frugality, fidelity - fidelity is especially important to commercial transaction Example: From Analects : Zeng Zi on daily reflection “Everyday I examine myself three counts. In what I have undertaken on another’s behalf, have I failed to do my best? In my dealings with my friends, have I failed to be trustworthy in what I say? Have I passed on to others anything that I have not tried out myself?” How it relates to commercial transactions: - loyalty to one’s employer - trust - failed to behave responsibly lost of trust - generate productivity
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