historynotes3.27.08 - Changes in U.S. foreign Policy and...

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Unformatted text preview: Changes in U.S. foreign Policy and the Cold War (cont) I. The Cold War at Home: Second Red Scare a. Background b. In government i. HUAC ii. Joseph McCarthy c. In Public d. Overall Results II. Korean War III. Status of Containment after Korean War Notes: Notesawp.com Red Scare 1946 Igor From Russian consult in Canada. Brought with him a list of known spies and supporters. Truman after this pass the Federal Employee Loyalty Program tried to find disloyal Americans who could become Russian agents Screened all federal employees. Fired alcoholics, debtors, and those homosexuals. o These three groups were seen as threats because they could be blackmailed or bought o Link between homosexual and communism- Already deviants o As a result 5 million were screened- only 2/3 hundred were fired because of personal lives o Government created an atmosphere of fear Events in 1949 also contributd to this atmosphere of fear Loss of China Nuclear Testing Editor of times Magazines Whitaker Chambers o Member of soviet underground before World War 2 o Left the underground during World War 2 went to FBI with list of spies in American govt e as ignored went again during the cold war o Accused Alger HIst Hist gets Chambers to say it outside of courtroom sues Chambers for libel - Chambers produces the pumpkin papers Hist put on trial for purgury not treason (5 year limitations) Guilty Hist was in an important position in the State Department...
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historynotes3.27.08 - Changes in U.S. foreign Policy and...

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