November_10 - • Economic aid can help governments...

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Civil War Conflict Resolution PT II Interventions of International Community 3 rd party interventions variety forms o Military o Economic o Diplomatic 1945- 2000: over 1000 individual military or economic interventions In general intervention designed to end rather than perpetuate civil conflict Military and economic intervention strategies: Double- edged sword Willingness to Negotiate Depends on o 1) What they expect to gain from a victory or settlement o 2) Their expectations for victory on the battlefield o Strong push for greater concessions, weak sue for peace earlier Military Interventions Include giving guns and ammunition to either the government or rebels US support Mujahadeen against Soviets in Afghanistan Poor strategy for ending conflict soon If military intervention resulted in greater equality b/w groups o Make negotiations more attractive Economic Interventions Money can help rebels buy food, pay recruits, pay off local community
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Unformatted text preview: • Economic aid can help governments transfer money from other programs to fight rebels • In general also poor strategy for ending conflict • Cutting off aid can also be important o If government is trying to organize for conflict Diplomatic Interventions • Importance of Diplomacy o Provides objective information since both sides have incentives to misrepresent their capabilities o Important role in having each side recognize emotional costs of conflict • Role of mediator ranges o Pass along information o Offering range of solutions o Arranging resources help implement agreements o Providing money o Security o Technical assistance • Diplomacy used less because o Voluntary o Involves each side negotiating and making concessions • Most successful interventions • Diplomacy combing w/ material incentive • Sequencing of them very important • Higher success rate in ending conflict sooner...
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November_10 - • Economic aid can help governments...

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