November_22 - Integration Globalization Globalization...

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Integration: Globalization Globalization Definition: Held et al. (1999) o “Connection between different regions of the world… and the ways in which they change and increase over time.” Globalization as a process Globalization not a new phenomena o World systems perspective International factors impacted countries since at least 5 th century AD Factors that Promote Globalization National level o Economic development and population growth Need for markets to spur further development o Technology Promoted Empire Building: Roman Empire or Persian Empire Eases the flow of goods and ideas between different areas of world Romans, Arabs, West, now the Fundamentalists? o Political Advantages Leadership: promote political advantage through benefits of globalization Domestic economic groups: promote integration when it benefits them Transnational factors o Environment: Consequences national level decisions, e.g. pollution: need co- ordination
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November_22 - Integration Globalization Globalization...

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