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September_6 - Week II Lecture 1 Thinking Theoretically...

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Week II Lecture 1 Thinking Theoretically Engaging in Research Process involves some fundamental questions: 1. How do we know? a. Importance of speaking a “common language of inquiry” b. Use empirical analysis: either quantitative or qualitative 2. How should we use our knowledge? Ethical question Normative analysis concerned w/ how we should use our knowledge. Ex: stem cell research- religious concerns etc. Six Related Stages (Manheim and Reich) Step 1: The Formulation of Theory Selection of an appropriate research question o Resolving a puzzle o Investing unexplored phenomena o Worthy of research If fulfills scientific need: furthers theoretical understanding Basic research Fulfills social need: provides answers deal w/ problems in society Applied research o More specific research question Generating Theory In general theories grounded in knowledge of events we want to explain. Generating Theory: Route 1 Induction: Look at patterns of behavior and then apply them to what we have not observed o Empirically grounded Example 1: count up which airline has most first class seats.
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