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Due January 30, 2009 Biology 182 Problem Set #1 1 NAME:__________________________________________ You may do these problem sets open book, unlimited time. You may work with others on them. However you must hand in work that is yours. Problem sets are due IN CLASS on Friday, in the boxes provided at the back of the room. 1. The promoter in the lac operon is a. The region that binds the repressor b. The region that binds RNA polymerase c. The gene that encodes the repressor d. A structural gene e. An operon 2. Which of the following can explain how the same hormone can have different effects on different tissues: a. Cells in different tissues might express different receptors (or no receptors) b. Different tissues might be exposed to different concentrations of hormone. c. Different tissues may respond differently because they have some difference in the downstream signaling pathway. d. All of the above are possible. 3.
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problems0130 - DueJanuary30,2009 Biology182ProblemSet#1...

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