A Separate Spartan (essay about 300)

A Separate Spartan (essay about 300) - A Separate Spartan...

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A Separate Spartan: An Analysis of the Monster Figure in 300 In today's world of protesters, preventative warfare, and high tech weaponry, society often forgets the raw power and force of the battlefield. Highly trained men, with only one goal, to protect their homeland's honor, fight knowing that these moments define their lives. The film 300 dedicates itself to this spectacle of traditional warfare. A fictionalized account of the Battle of Thermopylae, the film follows the heroics of King Leonidas and his Spartan army. Battling to protect their homeland, a group of 300 soldiers take on an exponentially larger Persian army. Facing impossible odds and almost certain defeat, they refuse to surrender, fighting to the last man. The movie showcases the utter dedication of their efforts, as well as the Spartan traditions that have shaped their fearless character. The film glorifies utter alpha males, men whose virtues and actions follow the traditional guidelines of heroism. Yet, in the midst of the hundreds of identically macho warriors appears a Spartan unlike the rest. Ephialtes, whose parents emigrated from Sparta to save him from ritual infanticide, is outcast not only because of his secluded residence, but also due to his physical appearance, oral manner, and moral fiber. In a film filled with superhuman warriors and fantastic animals, the crippled, all-too-human misfit Ephialtes fills the monster-role. 300 creates a visual spectacle of massive proportions. From the introductory sequence to Dilios' final speech, stimulating imagery and corresponding sound effects bombard the viewer. The dialog, short on intricate wordplay and subtext but filled with powerful statements, serves as an aural preparation for the visual adrenaline to come. Aside from the usual Hollywood green- screen special effects, the movie stands out because of the actors' visual appearance. From bulging biceps to rippling abs, the protagonist king and his backing army are an ode to male physical strength. In fact, even Theron, a Spartan councilman, displays a heavily muscled
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physique. Watching Leonidas address his troops before battle, the Spartans’ muscled perfection
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A Separate Spartan (essay about 300) - A Separate Spartan...

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