BMGT364 Review Exam I

BMGT364 Review Exam I - Jenny Tran Honr348j Assignment 4...

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Jenny Tran Honr348j Assignment 4 SCHOOLS IN AMERICA Why ppl attend higher education For the status? Money? Parents? End private school? Federal vs. state funding The decision of attending university or college can be taken by our parents or by ourselves. Reasons for that, however, are quite different for everyone. The first of all causes for going to college is the impact of parents, whole family or the society. Personally, my future plans seem made by my parents, who feel sometimes is responsible for my life. Knowing that I should accept their decisions or being assumed that they want to all they can for me and they want only the best things. I also feel that I am not ready to face the “real world” without the skills or knowledge for the career that I want. College is an experience of living away from home, making friends with people outside your hometown, and taking variety of courses of your interest. I understand that higher education is a privilege and not all high school graduates can afford to go to college due to their background. The public school system in America
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BMGT364 Review Exam I - Jenny Tran Honr348j Assignment 4...

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