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----- NAME ([~~t. first) ______________ Identification # ______________ Signature ________________ Reference number: MCB 354 Exam 2 / October 17, 2006 Before you begin, enter your name, identification number, and reference number above. This exam has 8 questions totalling 200 points. You are permitted to use a calculator. You are NOT permitted to use programmable calculators or other electronic devices to store formulae or other information. Notes of any kind are NOT permitted. It is your responsibility to avoid the appearance of cheating and to uphold the integrity of the examination system. DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE OVER UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO BY A PROCTOR 1. 140 2. 120 3. 120 4. 142 5. 120 6. 124 7. 120 8. 114 Total: 1200
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NAME (L~t, first) _______________ 1. (40 points total) You assay the activity of the enzyme E at a range of substrate concentrations, and test the effect of compound X on E's activity. You obtain the data in the table below. Answer parts a, b, c, d, and e. No X
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MCB354_FA06_EXAM2_BLANK - NAME[~t first Identification...

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