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Sample of MC questions - For your information, below are...

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For your information, below are sample MC questions. * indicates the best answer. The examples provided do not cover all the lecture material covered to date. Toyota is one of the few automotive companies on the rise economically. Why? A. People prefer foreign brand name cars B. They are the cheapest cars C. Their manufacturing techniques & attention to detail * D. Other car companies are not as safe What is the Toyota process/philosophy that has proven to be successful? A. IBM B. ACC C. TPS * D. 123 In 1991, Sears lost its #1 retail spot to: A. Target B. Wal-Mart * C. Walgreen's D. JC Penny What two non-traditional competitors posed the greatest threat to Sears & Roebuck Company? A. Kodak & McDonalds B. J.C. Penny & Ford Motor Co. C. Home Depot & Safeway What was the main factor that led to the decline of Sears in the late 80's? A. Supply side economics B. Emergence of discount competitors* C. Poor advertising D. None of the above What led to the demise of Sears? A. Rapid growth of discount stores B. Rapid development of specialty stores C. Sears catalog became less appealing D. All of the above * What is the ideology behind TPS? A. Focus on destroying the competition B. Internal promotion of employees C. Eliminating unproductive branches of the company D. Continuous improvement and elimination of waste *
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What company did the creator of the digital camera work for when it was created in 1975? A. Cannon
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Sample of MC questions - For your information, below are...

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