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1 SOCY105 - Fall 2005 - Exam III Study Guide All of Concepts of dominance/subordination as they apply to this section Education 1. " Secrets of the SAT": (racism), classim-rich students can afford prep school-knowing how to take the test, not the material of it. Reinforce stratification; for profit business; best students are most impacted; 2. Manifest : suppose to be base on merit; general standardized test to categorize students to college; to broaden the diverse ppl to higher ed. and latent functions of the is SAT: advantage to wealthy students-prep school; SAT is a coachable test; tends to re-produce class system. Money maker 3. Stereotype threat : the wording (reasoning/ability) of the test; race-systemic influence scores/expectations SAT –unfair b/c not subjective; self-fulfilling stereotypes- when they believe the stereotypes about themselves then acted in reality, affects testing skills. *when told black students were bad at a test, they consequently did bad. *grad students teaching vocabs to 2 groups (slow, G/T) slow were taught less vocab therefore less learning. 4. "testing industrial complex": money making industry-for profit; schools use it as an indicator of status; why get rid of it? if it is making money; ETS is a big business; economic and political interest; higher social class benefits; preporatory courses (Kaplan, Princeton Review); class biased economic power to maintain things the way they are; SAT is a coachable exams; 5. Institutional discrimination within education - early admissions, admissions criteria: b/c students who apply early admission agree to go to the school no matter how much financial aid; hidden curriculum-social, political, economic values; history as truth – “moral proportion”- “history months” as evidence of all that has been left out. 6. Education as the "great equalizer"-true or false? FALSE –Education as an arena of competition for scarce resources: (within schools/among schools and other national and local priorities (criminal justice, defense); poor school get low resources, parents less involve; 7. Tracking : ability grouping; division of level intelligence-“self-fulfilling stereotypes” -mirrors the stratification system -whites disproportionately found in honors/Tag programs -poor and minority students disproportionately found in basic and remedial programs -minority students drop out at 2xs the rate of whites Shapes teacher’s, parents’ and students expectations major influence in school performance Sealing your fates early on; labeling- powerful, reinforce stratifications (convenience to teachers) 8. Funding of public education : unequally distribute due to location of schools; local property taxes (spatial apartheid) the higher, the better school systems; affluent neighborhoods have more resources (PTA auction- cars) 9. Trends in public school segregation : even worse now than 30 years ago due to residential discrimination; Brown I “separate but equal” not equal; C: local property taxes; deliberate speed ~10 years integrated; 60s, 70s increased; late 80s, 90s decrease re-segregated;
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Exam III Study guide Main - 1 SOCY105 - Fall 2005 - Exam...

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