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Notes 10.11.05

Notes 10.11.05 - SOCY105 Stratification organization by...

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SOCY105 10/11/05 Stratification- organization by race/class/gender 1. Differentiation- dominant theory--“A” pure- subordinate--not “A”- not pure. 2. Ranking 3. Inconstitutionalization-sex-gender system Economic constraints (occupational segregation) Social structure (absence of structures that facilitate equality (2 nd shift hmk; lack of affordable, flexible day care; the work of “caring”) Race/Gender as social constructs What is imp. is not the biology of these categories but the social meanings that are attracted. “Sexism and racism” (and other forms of widespread discrimination) embedded in our culture—the “air we breathe” Sex: determined by biological (genitalia/chromosomal) criteria. Sex category: categorization is established, maintained by socially required identification (ex: dress) -If ppl are seen as members of relevant category, they are categorized that way. -Sex category is a proxy for sex (but sex and sex category that are not necessarily consistent—transexuals,
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