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10.18.05 Race as a social (not biological) construct Ideologically drive vs. driven by innate characteristics Racial formation: socio historical process by which racial categories are created, transformed, destroyed. Determined by social, economic, political focrces. Today the federal govt. “recognizes” 562 tribes American Indian tribes form 32 states – but none from VA. The Racial Integrity Act of 1924 –declared that there were only 2 races –black and white- in the state virtually eliminating “Native Am.” From VA. The Powhatan tribe of VA is fighting for tribal recognition from federal govt. –while Congress is underwriting the celebration of their heritage (Jamestown 2007 International Celebration). Hypo-descent: classification determined by affiliating with subordinate group rather than dominant group (one drop rule). “A” and “not A” Master status: When one status dominates others in an interaction Status that defines one as a minority
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Unformatted text preview: • Determines how you are evaluated and treated by others. Racial Etiquette- interpretive codes and meanings that govern daily interactions. These rules are shaped by both dominant group, subordinate group perception of race. Racism- a system of beliefs and behavior embedded in power relations of society whereby members of subordinate racial- ethnic groups are oppressed and exploited bc they possess cultural, psychological, and/or physical characteristics that dominant group members deem to be inferior. Reverse Racism- What is it? Does this exist? Affirmative Action- programs that promote admission, hiring, promotion from traditionally under-represented groups. Outcomes of Racism-Dominant Group privilege-Poverty/unemployment -Health-Violence/genocide-Visibility -Education Explanations for inequality Biology- defiency in your genes Bias- in your head (individual discrimination) Structure- in the world (institutional)...
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