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10.25.05 - Health care and health care delivery Healthcare...

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10/25/05 Health care and health care delivery Ÿ Healthcare as a social problem-is adequate healthcare a human right, ex: should everyone be entitled to it? (social compact) Ÿ Healthcare as a commodity- “the US has the best health care that MONEY can buy” Ÿ Should healthcare delivery be “for-profit” enterprise? Factors that contribute to good health: Adequate diet manageable levels of stress shelter exercise Exposure to pollution work conditions healthcare-preventable, treatment Morbidity and mortality not randomly distributed- consequences of dominant/subordinate relations. Race Class Gender Sexual orientation Health care crisis Cost rising health care costs Ÿ The US spends a larger % (>15%) of GDP than any other industrialized country. Ÿ Lower return (as measured by life expectancy, infant mortality, years spent in poor health) Why is health care so expensive? Little on prevention Fee for service Aging population Artificial physician shortage 3 rd party pay fraud-fee splitting
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