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Chemistry 318M MWF 9:00-10:00 Organic Chemistry (Unique Number 54650) Fall, 2008 WEL 2.312 Reading and Homework Assignments The rate and sequence that topics are covered is subject to change . Please consult the lecture calendar ” on the course website for summaries of topics covered in each lecture. Answers to the homework problems are provided in the study guide. Homework sets will be assigned but not graded. However, you are urged to work all assigned questions and all parts of each question. Many exam questions will derive directly from the homework sets and from questions presented in class – so if you do the homework and faithfully attend lecture, you will be much better prepared for exams . Do not consult the answer key until you have completed a given question. It is easy to fool yourself into thinking you know the material if you simply look up the answers in the study guide without first trying to solve the problems yourself . The purpose of homework is to help you identify any deficiencies in your understanding of organic chemistry. Homework
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