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318M – Krische, Lecture 8: M - 09/15/08, Ch. 2, Alkanes and Cycloalkanes Thus far, we’ve only consider “static” aspects of structure. Today we begin to consider dynamic aspects of structure, i.e. Molecular Conformation. Molecular Conformations or “conformers” are defined as the alternative shapes of organic molecules that derive from rotation about single bonds. We started by considering the conformations of ethane H 3 C-CH 3 . We saw that there are two limiting conformations: the eclipsed conformer and the staggered conformer. To assist in visualizing the conformations of ethane, we employ Newman projections. See on-line handout on ethane/Newman projections. Predicated on our conformational analysis, we drew an “Energy vs. Dihedral Angle” diagram for ethane. Next, we applied a similar analysis to butane. Be prepared draw “Energy vs. Dihedral Angle” diagrams for ethane, propane, butane, dichloroethane, etc. . Next, we considered the conformations of the cycloalkanes. We started with cyclopropane. The
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