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PKG101 Package Function Assignment (on a 3 x 5 card, list the following information) 1. Name 2. Student Number 3. Packaged Product Example : (pick a packaged product; this can be any food, personal care, cosmetic product that you use) 4. For each of the 4 package functions (Containment, Protection, Communication, Utility/Convenience) list one packager design or technology feature of the package and note what Environment it satisfies. EXAMPLE (Recall the water bottle I demonstrated in class Tuesday) Package Product: Pepsi Aquafina Flavored Water 8 oz. CONTAINMENT in the Physical Environment: Plastic bottle with Cap, also could list under Containment in the Human Environment, allows bottle to be reclosed during use PROTECTION in the Human Environment requires the bottle Cap seal to be broken to open. COMMUNICATION in the Human Environment list the nutritional facts. I could also
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Unformatted text preview: mention the bottle Cap seal again that it communicates the product is safe to use UTILITY/CONVENIENCE in the Human Environment provides a bottle shape that is easy to hold. I could also mention that the Human Environment the Opening on the bottle allows consumer to drink directly from bottle. I have used a lot of descriptors in my example to explain the process. Your card Should look like this: Name: Paul Schmidt Student No . Z41102762 Package: Pepsi Aquafina Flavored Water 8 oz. Containment: Human / Screw Cap or I could list Physical / Plastic bottle with Cap Protection: Human / Cap Seal Communication: Human / Nutritional Label or I could mention Human / Cap Seal Utility / Convenience: Human / Bottle Shape or I could mention Human / Bottle Opening. E-mail or call me (920-475-0270) if you need to discuss. Mr. Schmidt...
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