PKG101_HOMEWORK_II_Assignment - Containment (1), (2), (5)...

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PKG101 FS08 Homework 2 Cover Sheet: Name of Your Company (Be Creative) Student Name(s) / Student # working on the Homework. Date Next Two Pages: Product / Package Description: Package: Name of the selected packaged product Brand: Brand name of the product Product Description: Describe utilizing product name and position statements on the package, including weight of contents. Company Name / Address Primary Package Description: (style, material, etc.) Secondary Package Description: (style, materials, etc.) Package Design Changes: Package design changes you would propose to improve sales or reduce the packaging material costs you would propose to the company if you were the packaging engineer. (Photos highlighting package and functions)
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Package Functional Elements & Technologies (example Kraft Salad dressing): ENVIRONMENTAL FUNCTION Physical Atmosphere Human
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Unformatted text preview: Containment (1), (2), (5) (4) (5) Protection (3), (5) (13) (8) (12) Communication (14) (7) (6) (9) (10) (15) (16) (17) Utility / Convenience (13) (11) (8) (12) Functional Elements: 1. Plastic bottle with sealed cap 2. Corrugated case 3. Paperboard partitions to protect bottle label scuffing 4. Reclosable cap 5. Dimple on inside of cap to seal off orifice. 6. Clear bottle to see product 7. Refrigerate after opening 8. Tamper evident label 9. Use By Date 10.Customer Service Phone Number 11.Squeezable 12. Insert with orifice in the opening of the bottle to control dispensing 13.Plastic provides oxygen barrier. 14.UPC scanner code 15.Manufacture Production Code 16.Nutritional information 17.Ingredients Timing: Home work assignment due TUESDAY 11/25. Grade : 50 points Bonus: 10 points if turned in by 11/13 5 points if turned in by 11/20...
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PKG101_HOMEWORK_II_Assignment - Containment (1), (2), (5)...

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