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PKG 101 FS08 - Homework 1 (50 points) THE STANLEY COUNTRY STORE Objective: Compare packaging from the "turn of the century” to current practices Directions: Visit the "Country Store" display in the MSU Museum and a grocery store of your choice to gather information needed to answer the questions. Gather information by looking through the windows. Take pictures, sketches, and notes as you wish and answer the questions as listed below. Directions to the MSU Museum: The MSU Museum is located across Circle Drive to the North of the Main Library and Olds Hall and East of Beaumont Tower. The display, entitled "Stanley's Crossroads General Store", is in the Northwest corner of the 1st floor (not the basement). Homework Form and Grading: The answers on the homework sheet MUST BE typed. 2 points will be deducted from any questions not completed. Schedule / Bonus Pts: You can make the visit to the museum at any time. However, the homework project must be completed and submitted to me on or before the end of class on Oct 9th
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PKG101_HW_I_STANLEY_STORE_Questions - PKG 101 FS08 -...

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