Bio Lab species competition

Bio Lab species competition - themselves they did not hold...

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Stephen Wilson 4-25-08 Population Biology and Interspecific Competition The competition between our two species was fierce as it should have been and  each competition gave a decent representation of a carrying capacity. In intraspecific  competition, the carrying capacities of P. utensilius and P. digitus were approximately 6  and 5, respectively. In interspecific competition, the carrying capacities of P. utensilius  and P. digitus were approximately 1 and 2, respectively. The limitation of resources  caused an extreme drop in population when the two species competed against each  other, we also got to witness some violent interspecies interactions first-hand and see  how species fight for the limited resources in their particular niche. P. digitus was more  adapt at fighting for their food when they had to, but in competition amongst 
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Unformatted text preview: themselves, they did not hold as big of a steady population as P. utensilius. P. utensilius had a spike in population in both competitions at the beginning, which makes sense because we started out with a lot of resources, but never again reached that total, forcing the population decline to be able to survive. I think it would have been helpful to keep track of the number of beans we had in the area to begin each generation; it would have made a nice graph to track next to the population graph. Overall though, I feel that this lab was helpful and pretty indicative of what really happens to populations due to lack of resources and interspecific and intraspecific competition....
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Bio Lab species competition - themselves they did not hold...

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