Formal Lab 3

Formal Lab 3 - Stephen Wilson (SID# 18974524) GSI: Trevor...

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Unformatted text preview: Stephen Wilson (SID# 18974524) GSI: Trevor Ewers Experiment #3 September 24 th , 2007 Chem 1A Section 110 LAB Determining the Molarity of a Strong Acid Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to determine an accurate concentration of concentrated hydrochloric acid (HCl) by titration needed to react with and aqueous solution of tris (hydroxymenthyl) aminomethane (TRIS). We would then use this data to find the molarity of concentrated HCl. Titration was used because it is an accurate, simple method to find the concentration of a solution. Methods: We combined 5.00 mL of the 5 M HCl with 245 mL of water in a 250 mL volumetric flask to get a 0.1 M HCl solution, the HCl was diluted to speed up the titration. Then we filled up our buret with an amount of the diluted HCl solution and recorded the level of solution that we had. We then proceeded to weigh out .15-.25 g of TRIS in a weighing boat and recorded the exact amount, the exact amount was used in later calculations. The TRIS was then washed into a 250 mL Erlenmeyer flask and the flask filled to 50 mL with the solution. We then calculated the volume of dilute HCl solution it would take to react with the TRIS and recorded it. Four to six...
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Formal Lab 3 - Stephen Wilson (SID# 18974524) GSI: Trevor...

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