Notes4 - :Precriticalperiod ,Kant'smostfocused God.

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Arguments for the existence of God: Pre-critical period Among the three early works noted above, Kant's most focused treatment of these arguments for the existence of God can be found in The One Possible Basis for a Demonstration of the Existence of God . He classifies arguments for God under just two headings, one that moves to the affirmation of God from a rational concept of the possible, the second that moves from experiential concepts of existent things. The ontological argument, as well as the argument Kant himself poses in this work as the only valid one, fall under the first heading. The cosmological and the physico-theological arguments fall under the second heading. With respect to the positions about the validity and value of theoretical arguments for the existence of God that Kant later espouses and which are considered his definitive views, there are three features worth noting from this earlier work: First, he has already formulated a central feature of the main objection that he will raise against the ontological argument in the
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Notes4 - :Precriticalperiod ,Kant'smostfocused God.

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