2 - Knight Errant & Bandits

2 - Knight Errant & Bandits - K night E r rant cont....

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Unformatted text preview: K night E r rant cont. Characteristics of the knight errant • • Li t t le or no concern for material self gratification Financial generosity – spend a lot for the benefit of others / give away for charity / no care for making money – vulgar, demeaning – Confucian ideals • Element of violence o o o Last resort violence Ching-Ku – exemplifies this idea – because he hesitated taking the life Chao K’uang-yin – exception because he kills the inn keepers Chao Ching-niang – Chao K’uang-yin • Divides up the bandit loot into three portions – doesn’t keep any for himself o Gives one portion to village, one to bandits for new life, and one for r epairs at the monastery • He could have mar r ied Ching-niang but he believes in: o o o • Puri ty and reputation Self-sense of honor Ching-niang kills herself Extraordinary person because he likes to get into t rouble / cause t rouble o Good thing – b/c his overriding sense of justice – rescue the poor and helpless Lady Knight Errant • Doesn’t offer herself as a sexual desire – rather because she wants to repay her gratitude B andits • Yang Wen – Road Blocking Tiger Chang Ch’i-hsien Wang T’ai-kung Strong Kid ...
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2 - Knight Errant & Bandits - K night E r rant cont....

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