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Nature/ Society Thought Piece For this thought piece, I wanted to talk a bit more about what this class is meant to be and what how it worked and what I feel is missing from it. In choosing this class, students are usually looking for a safe haven for them to discuss their political and/or environmental views freely. The class was successful in making a believer out of me, a person who lives in the city and doesn’t really care much for the environment or for its whereabouts. The only issue I have is that the class, as well as the speakers, the topics, discussions, trips, videos, clips, photographs and many more resources do make believers out of us, but very little I feel was done to encourage us to work outside the classroom to better the environment. I believe the main aim of this course should be beyond just educating us about a problem but more of how we can change ourselves and others so that we live a healthier lifestyle. This is definitely a stretch for a 4000credit course but I don’t see why it can’t happen. Instead of Vasudha being just a classroom experience, it
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