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Physics Cheat Sheet #2 (back)

Physics Cheat Sheet #2 (back) - B Momentum of gun C...

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A person pulls a 66.9N bag a distance of 343m at a constant velocity. She exerts a force of 32.5 N at an angle of 67.3*. a)Find the work she does on the bag? B) Find the work done by the force of friction on the bag? C) Find the coefficient of kinetic friction between the bag and floor? How far must a student be pushed while wearing frictionless in line skates to have a Final KE of 350J if a friend pushes her with a force of 46N? A block starts from rest and slides down a frictionless track. It leaves the track horizontally, flies through the air and strikes the ground. A) What is the speed v of the ball when it leaves the track? B) What is the horizontal distance x the block travels through the air? C) What is the speed of the block when it hits the ground? A 31kg gun is standing on a frictionless surface. The gun fires a 45.3g bullet with a velocity of 307m/s. The positive direction is that of the bullet. A) calculate the momentum of the bullet after being fired.
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Unformatted text preview: B) Momentum of gun? C) Calculate the KE of the bullet after being fired. D) KE of the gun after the gun is fired. A 66kg ice skater moving to the right at 2.58m/s throws a 0.181kg snowball to the right at 36.3m/s. What is the velocity of the ice skater after throwing the snowball? A second skater with a mass of 61.4kg catches it, what is her velocity? A dentist’s drill starts from rest. After 1.32s of constant angular acceleration it turns at a rate of 31700 rev/min. What is the drill’s angular acceleration (rad/s2)? Determine the angle through which the drill rotates during this period? A race car accelerates from a speed of 40m/s to a speed of 60m/s in 5 sec., while traveling counterclockwise around a track with a radius of 400m. When the car reaches a speed of 50m/s find. . (a) The magnitude of the car’s centripetal accel. (b) the angular speed (c) the tangential accel. (d) the magnitude of the total accerleration....
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