Physics Cheat Sheet #4

Physics Cheat Sheet #4 - Q mcT W mgh Qcold QHot Q mL f,v...

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Q mc T = cold Hot Q Q = - , / f v Q mL = + - Q t P ∆ = h c T T Q kA t L - = h c T T P kA L - = W mgh = 0 1 1 1 2 2 2 ( ) ( ) o f f c m T T c m T T - = - 2 4 (4 ) P r eT σ π = <----Stefan’s Law Heat: involves a transfer of internal energy from one location to another, results from a temp difference Energy: Flows from hight to lower temp (hand to ice— only can flow hot to cold). Internal Energy : associated w/ microscopic components of system - atoms/molecules - KE + PE & translational/rotational/vibration motion Calorie: amt of energy necessary to raise the temp of 1g of water from 14.5 to 15.5 (1 Cal = 4.186 J) Phase Change: involves change of internal energy but NOT in temperature. Fusion: melting or freezing Vaporization: phase change during boiling or condensing (+) when melting or energy is absorbed (-) when energy is removed or steam condenses to water. Conduction : energy transfer associate with temp diff. Convection : transfer of energy by movement of a substance. Radiation: object emits radiation in the form of electromagnetic waves. PV nRT = W P V = - ∆ f i U U U Q W = - = + ln f i V W nRT V = 3 2 U nRT = 3 2 v C R = v U nC T = eng h c W Q Q = - 1 c h Q e Q = - W P t = c cool Q COP W = h heat Q COP W = 1 r carnot Q e T = - r Q S T ∆ = Work: (+) work done ON the system/compressed (-) work done BY the system/expands 1 st Law of Thermodynamics : energy transfer due to heat and work.
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Physics Cheat Sheet #4 - Q mcT W mgh Qcold QHot Q mL f,v...

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