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Practice questions for Exam 1. Answers provided on page 3. 1. A magician runs a rabbit breeding program on the side to have an ample supply of rabbits for his shows. He selects for two traits: long ears (easy to pull rabbit out of hat) and the ability of the rabbit to camouflage itself (rabbit hard to spot in his black hat) by changing its coat color. The two traits are controlled by single, independent genes abbreviated E for ear size and C for chameleon. The magician wants to establish the genotype of his favorite rabbit. He performs a testcross with a short eared, white rabbit that is unable to change color. Among the eight offspring, he observes 4 short-eared and 4 long-eared rabbits, and they all have the ability to camouflage themselves. What is the most likely genotype of his favorite rabbit? 2. Interactions among the human ABO blood group alleles involve. .... a. codominance and complete dominance b. only codominance c. codominance and epistasis d. continuous variation e. incomplete dominance
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Practice%20questions-%20Exam%201-1 - Practice questions for...

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