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church of baseball - WEB EXCLUSIVE: The Church of Baseball...

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WEB EXCLUSIVE: The Church of Baseball August 2, 2007 Episode no. 1049 The Church of Baseball by Tim O'Keefe Fans and families cheered in the parking lot of Prince George's Stadium in Bowie, Maryland, as Jason Dunn, Christian Canadian punk band Hawk Nelson , with his mohawk haircut and cut-off-shirt sleeves revealing the took a break from jumping around stage to explain how the song "Everything You Ever Wanted" was about t expectations of his father. "But I am here to tell you that Jesus Christ is better than any father any of us could have," said Dunn. Pre-game Christian concerts like this one, held on a humid summer evening at the home of the Bowie Baysox of the Baltimore Orioles, are part of a rapidly growing promotional -- some would say controversial -- event offered at major and minor league baseball stadiums around the country. It may be just another chapter in the longstanding relationship between faith and baseball in America. "At the symbolic power there resides a unique language of civil religion, proclaiming that the game can redeem Ame to all nations," according to THE FAITH OF 50 MILLION: BASEBALL, RELIGION AND AMERICAN C John Knox Press), edited by religion scholars Christopher Hodge Evans and William Herzog. The book is on titles that probe the spiritual implications of baseball, including STEAL AWAY: DEVOTIONS FOR BASEB Press) by Hugh Poland and ROUNDING THE BASES: BASEBALL AND RELIGION IN AMERICA (Mer Joseph Price. Baseball chapel has long been a common practice, according to Sporting News magazine. Since its official es more than 400 unpaid team chaplains have led Sunday services for major and minor league players and coach major league teams such as the Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins have held annual events like Lutheran N and Comerica Park in Detroit and at the Metrodome in Minneapolis, where on August 14 the Twins will mar Night with an evening of fellowship at the ballpark and a choir of Lutherans to help sing the National Anthem But baseball, still widely regarded as America's national pastime, seems to have embarked on something of a
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church of baseball - WEB EXCLUSIVE: The Church of Baseball...

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