RP - ,which meansgooddeath. . .Someof

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Euthanasia is the word that has originated from Greek word, which means good death. Euthanasia can allow humans to end their like voluntarily or involuntarily for his or her benefits. Because of euthanasia there is big controversy going about whether we should allow euthanasia or not. Some of the major problem of euthanasia is that it is moral and immoral. Euthanasia is used to end the person's life because they are suffering from a terminal illness or the person has pain that cannot be curable. Euthanasia has four major categories that are: First, voluntarily active euthanasia is when the patient has given consent. Next, involuntarily active euthanasia is when patients are unable to give consent. After that, voluntarily passive euthanasia is when life support has been withdrawn from the patient. Lastly, involuntarily passive euthanasia is an action, in which a person life is ended to free him or her from suffering or from the terminal illness. The two, euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide can be distinguished by the intention of the physician. In voluntarily active euthanasia, a patient and physician intension is to end the life. However, in physician-assisted suicide the physician may give advice on how to end their life if they choose to do so. The difference between the two terms of euthanasia, voluntarily active and involuntarily active is that physician and patient consent. Ethical and legal status is the main difference and the reason to distinguish these terms. Active euthanasia is not permissible from the ethical point of view or
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RP - ,which meansgooddeath. . .Someof

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