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Ethics quiz 1 - 4 Platonic Love In ethic its relationship...

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Rishil Patel Quiz # 1 1. Golden Mean : Intermediate between deficiency and excess. Aristotle thinks that morality virtuous person is one who aims at intermediate between excess and deficiencies. Excess and deficiency is vice according to Aristotle. For example, servility or self –depreciation is deficiency and verity or egoism is excess toward self attitude. 2. Fallibalism : means that one should be open minded about other ideas, no matter how strong once beliefs are. People should call others wrong if they believe that only their ideas are right. 3. Antinomian : The person who does not follow the laws or who wants to be lawlessness, and want to live outside of the society where there is no law, ethics, or morality stop the action which came from the Epicurean.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Platonic Love : In ethic, its relationship in which there is no sexual contact between two individuals but the sexual element is secondary. For example, this came from Plato is that a relationship between two friends which in some cases can be deep without sexual contact with each other. 5. Theodicy : In ethics, it is the attempt to settle the continuation of the evil and suffering in the world for some individuals with the divine government and hope or belief of generosity. In other words it is the branch of theology that studies how the existence of a good may be resigned with the existence of evil. For example, for pantheist this is best of all possible worlds....
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Ethics quiz 1 - 4 Platonic Love In ethic its relationship...

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