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Ethics Quiz 3 - Quiz 3 Amor Fati in Relationship to the...

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Quiz # 3 Amor Fati in Relationship to the will to Power : It's love of one fate. Your Facticity is a person love, but one has to love themselves without any false, and one has to face any problem that they have. Love represents freedom and they have to face that. Will of the power is a Nietzsche's ideas that all human action is eventually motivated by power and aim control and superiority over ones self concept. All the thing we do is going to be aims at superiority and control in future time. Moral Relativism in Relation to Praxis : According to Marx, it means that when you live in an embedded culture and you are not aware of the embeddness. According to him, what is right or good for one society is not necessarily right for another. In one society, it is morally right to euthanasia a person, but it would be immoral euthanasia. Its related to Praxis is if you have insight of the nature a person no longer dilute so he have responsibilities to the moral norms.
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