Stereotyping - o Being tortured and having rights violated...

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! American family o Blacks now a part of the myth B What was key to power inclusion in myth of American Dream W World War II and black soldiers started more integration o Women also saw gains W Optimism after WWII and TV o Situation comedies in radio S White people impersonated blacks o Lots of stereotypes and clichés L Portrayal of blacks as second class citizens P Buela o Reinforcement of notion that black women are comfortable of working in  others home o Wholesomeness and beauty of white culture W Blacks did not really watch TV that much o Except if black people were going to be on TV E Source of pride S Had to make adjustments o to stay away from anger t As to what's wrong with me (black people) A Nat King Cole o Held key to inclusion within American Dream o Model of assimilation o Could not find sponsor o Had to end after 1 season H White men threatened W Images of Black people dominated news
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Unformatted text preview: o Being tortured and having rights violated B TV shows tried to press question of integration o Eastside, Westside E Undercut myth of American progress U White-Negro o Over-endow character with attributes that makes them acceptable to whites o i.e. middle-class, rich i Two Black Americas o On news-confronted racial issues o TV shows-no racism, idealized view of blacks and whites working together T Part II, Coloring the dream o By late 60s, myth of America as one big happy family on considerable assault o Love was message of 60s TV shows o Social change and conflict were shown to affect family conflict S However our troubles could be resolved in family H Good Times set in Chicago Southside o Talk about real world issues T Racism and economic discrimination o J.J.s role to elevated J Buffoon...
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Stereotyping - o Being tortured and having rights violated...

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