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Practice Exam: Answers ENTM/BIOL 127 First Exam 1) dN ---- = r N (1- N/K); dN/dt is the population growth rate, N is population size, dt K is the carrying capacity, r is the intrinsic rate of natural increase 2) Define the following terms: Population: a group of potentially interbreeding individuals that share common characteristics and occupy a particular space in a particular time. Partial population: the population of a specific life stage Semelparity: reproducing once during the lifetime Natality: birth, usually expressed as the number of female births per female per unit time l x : age-specific survivorship; the probability of surviving from birth to start of age x. 3) Any five of the following: small size, ectothermic, genetic plasticity, highly mobile, found in many microenvironments, high reproductive rate, short life span, rapid population growth, metamorphosis, instinctive behavior 4) A population is continuously reproducing and grows logistically with a time lag influencing population growth rate. Which of the following describes the dynamics
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Practice%20Exam%201%20Answers - Practice Exam: Answers 1)...

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