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Practice Exam ENTM/BIOL 127 First Exam 1) Provide an equation for continuous population growth under conditions where a critical resource becomes limiting with increasing population size. Define all the parameters and variables in the equation. 2) Define the following terms: Population: Partial population: Semelparity: Natality: l x : 3) Insects are often used to study ecological questions. List five ecologically significant characteristics of insects. 4) A population is continuously reproducing and grows logistically with a time lag influencing population growth rate. Which of the following describes the dynamics of this population? (a) The population exhibits a "j-shaped" growth curve. (b) The population growth rate declines linearly to K as N increases. (c) If r τ > 1.570, then the population will show a stable limit cycle. (d) The population will exhibit a "sawtooth" pattern of fluctuations around K. 5) Using the life table below, calculate R 0 and the generation time for this population. xl x m x V x = l x m x l x m x x 01 . 00 10 . 80 20 . 6 1 . 0 30 . 4 2 . 0 40 . 3 4 . 0 50 . 1 1 . 0 6) Which type of survivorship curve is most common in insects?
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Practice%20Exam%201 - Practice Exam ENTM/BIOL 127 First...

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