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Student Example -- First Paper - Civil Religion in America...

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Civil Religion in America - What Is It? When talking about civil religion, two questions need to be asked; what is it, and why does it exist? Civil religion is a broad term but can be summed up as the religion of nationalism, country or government. It is taking man made nation or government, the profane, and relating it to the divine, thus, in a sense, making it divine. By making it divine, two needs are met, first, it gives the power through a sense of divinity to the leaders, and second, it gives a sense of protection and comfort to the people. I believe this relationship exist so easily and unobstructed because both parties feel they gain more than they lose. Society is in equilibrium, as Durkheimian states, “Culture (civil) religion demonstrates that a society is held together by collective religious symbols, practices, and forms of interaction” (Civil Religion, 87). To better understand the term “civil religion,” one turns to the question of what makes it a religion? Because religion cannot easily and precisely be defined, there will be different answers for different beliefs. The definition, however; that I believe best matches the idea of civil religion, from the nation-state’s standpoint, is that of Mircea
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Student Example -- First Paper - Civil Religion in America...

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