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Chapter 17 Study Guide - Figure 17.19-The role of urea in...

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Chapter 17 Tables: Table 17.1-Regulation of the Glomerular Filtration Rate (GRF) Table 17.8-Actions of different classes of diuretics Clinical Boxes: Page 550-Kidney stones, shock-wave lithotripsy Page 554-Polycystic disease box Page 567-Penicillin Figures: Figure 17.1-Organs of the urinary system Figure 17.2-The structure of a kidney Figure 17.8-The structure of the glomerulus and capsule Figure 17.15-Salt and water reabsorption in the proximal tubule Figure 17.17-The countercurrent multiplier system-Loop of Henle Figure 17.18-Countercurrent exchange in the vasa recta-Vasa Recta
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Unformatted text preview: Figure 17.19-The role of urea in urine concentration-Urea Figure 17.21-Homeostasis of plasma concentration is maintained by ADH-ADH Figure 17.22-Secretion is the reverse of reabsorption Figure 17.26-The juxtaglomerular apparatus Figure 17.27-Homeostasis of plasma Na+ List of terms to know: Functions of kidneys- page 550 Renal autoregulation-page 557 Afferent arterioles-page 557 Secretion-page 567 Metabolic alkalosis-page 575 Renal insufficiency-page 579 Renal clearance-page 566 Ammonia and phosphate buffers-page 576 Nephron-page 552 1...
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