terms1_2008 - vegetal plate epiboly invagination involution...

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Sperm Acrosme Protamines Midpeice Flagallum Spermatogenesis Spermiogenesis Spermatid Spermatozoa Sertoli cell Seminiferous tubule Germ line Somatic Cell Residual body Spermatogonium Kartajener triad Dynein Capacitation Metazoan Deuterastome Protostome In situ hybridization Northern blot Germ cell Stem cell Spermatocyte Oocyte Follicle Oogenesis Meiosis Mitosis Reductionary division Meiotic arrest Polar body Ovulation Oogonium Primordial follicle Prosteglandins Corona radiata Zona pellucida Corpus luteum Barriers to fertilization Acrosome ZP2 ZP3 Bindin Exocytosis Cortical granules Acrosome process g-actin f-actin polyspermy fast block slow block membrane potential fertilization envelope cleavage meridional equatorial oligolecithal meso- telo- centro- holoblastic meroblastic discoidal superficial mid blastula transition blastomeres blastula zygote echinoderm mesomeres macro or mega meres micromeres animal pole vegetal pole blastoceol primary mesenchyme secondary mesenchme
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Unformatted text preview: vegetal plate epiboly invagination involution ingression gastrulation morphogenetic movements convergent extension dorsal lip of the blastopore fate map Hensens’ node Spemann organizer Primary induction Hilde Mangold Induction Ectoderm Endoderm Mesoderm Nieuwkoop Center Animal cap Activin FGF TGF-beta Noggin LiCl Dorsalizing signals Beta-catenin Deshevled Vg1 Drosophila Syncytial blastoderm Cellular blastoderm Zygotic transcription Mendelian inheritance Forward genetic screen Reverse genetics Maternal effect mutation Transcription Translation Nurse cell Acron Telson Bicoid Nanos Torso Torso-like Dominant Negative Constituative active Morphogen Transcription factor 3’ untranslated region (UTR) 5’ untranslated region (UTR) hunchback caudal synergistic receptor tyrosine kinase ectopic expression l...
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terms1_2008 - vegetal plate epiboly invagination involution...

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