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Religion 101 Vocabulary Quiz 4 Review 1. Theophany – A manifestation or appearance of the divine; for example, when God appears in the burning bush to Moses. 2. Circumcision – Literally means the removal of foreskin, but in ancient times it signified the perpetual sign of Abraham’s commitment to God. Also signified being of the same blood/beliefs as Abraham. 3. Treaty Covenant – A covenant signifying peace. Important when looking at the covenant God created with Moses promising to never flood the Earth again. 4. Charter Covenant – A covenant signifying the beginning of something like the covenant God created with Abraham signifying the beginning of an eternally blessed race of man. 5. Righteous – Means to be one who does something right or to be one who is right with God. Example of significance would by the relationship between Abraham and God. 6. Scandal of Particularity – Scandal associated with any type of historical revelation. Significance is revealed when looking at why God favors some, like
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